Fitness in 10 for Men – A 10-Minute Daily Exercise

Be Younger than Your Age for Life?


Fitness in 10 for Men

The 10 minute daily fitness habit for men over 40.

A simple, convenient, daily exercise habit that over time builds a rejuvenating lifetime fitness foundation to increase your mental and physical capacity for life. And it makes you feel better every day.

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Once a day. Forever Fit. Fitness in 10 for Men.

To your Fitness. For your Life.


“The Fitness in 10 principle of “provide a core set of essential exercises that can be done in 10 minutes” was exactly what I needed.  No excuses – Everyone has 10 minutes and the only cost has been a skipping rope.  For the last 3 years, I have used it as my “go to” set of minimum mandatory exercises – especially on those days when there doesn’t seem to be time for any other exercise.”
—Steve Judges from Ottawa, Canada

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